Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Much Awaited Tank Deliveries!

Hello everyone,

As promised, here are some photos of our brewery tanks being delivered. The fermenters and hot and cold liquor tanks were delivered first. The first photo shows the top of one of our fermenters as it is about to be pulled out of the truck. They fit three of them in one truck!!

Here is one of the fermenters as it is about to be pushed into the brewery (well, what will become the brewery).

Here you can see all six tanks that were delivered during the first day. Looking from left to right, there are the four fermenters, the hot liquor tank, and the cold liquor tank. There were some tense moments as the tanks were lowered out of the trucks and onto the ground, but they all made it safely into the building!

The next two photos are of the second tank delivery. We received the mash tun, the brew kettle, the platform, and a mystery box. Now we just have to get all this set up and start making some beer!!

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