Monday, January 28, 2013

Let get some real change!

We wanted to let everyone know about an event that the TN Craft Brewers Guild is having at Yazoo on Jan 30th (5-8pm). As some of you know, TN has the highest beer taxes in the nation specifically due to a 17% wholesale tax levied when a wholesaler sells to a retailer. This tax makes it more difficult for local brewers to manage rising raw material prices because any small price increase at the brewery level is eventually multiplied by a factor of 1.17 at your local bar! Our goal is to get the 17% wholesale tax changed to a flat tax. So please show your support on Jan 30th and spread the word. We need to show the state legislature that decreasing taxes on beer is what the people want! This change would be a huge help to your local brewers who want to keep supplied with great quality beer.


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