Friday, March 14, 2014

New Brewmaster / Our First Sour Beer

The Times They Are a-Changin' 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some big news...

We have a new brewmaster! Dan Dutcher has taken over the brewmaster position here at Turtle Anarchy. He has been brewing with us as an intern/assistant brewer since January 2013, and this week we passed the reigns to him. Congrats, Dan! 

Dan making a Turtle Anarchy Reserve small batch stout.

For all you sour heads out there, last May, we filled a Californication white wine barrel with How Now Brown Cow, our seasonal American brown ale. Welp, it's just been sittin' in the barrel getting sour and delicious. Tonight, we put that bad baby on tap! Introducing our very first sour... HOW NOW MAD COW!

It's finally on tap!!!
Also, we'll be pouring some brews at Main Street Brew Fest this Saturday here in Franklin. Who's coming? We'll be pouring Infidelis Helles, Another Way to Rye, and Portly Stout. We'll also have a firkin of Another Way to Firk set up–a dry hopped rye IPA fresh out of the firkin.

Knoxville, save the date for next Thursday March 20, we're coming for ya! We're taking over the taps at Vic's Beer Store & Cigar Shoppe with Infidelis Helles, Portly Stout, How Now Brown Cow, and a special batch of Down With the Coconut, our stout made with freshly toasted coconut just for you!

For the spring equinox on Friday March 21, we'll be having a firkin party at Hops & Crafts in Nashville featuring a cask of IPA. You'll have to come out for this one... The whole cask must be drunk that night!

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Rock and roll.

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