Friday, November 15, 2013

Turtle Anarchy Updates: Brew Business

Before you start reading, these are some brews going on tap:
TONIGHT: Blizzard Beast, our Portly Stout with wintergreen and elderberry.
TOMORROW: None More Black, stout steeped with coffee beans. WAKE YO ASS UP.
SOON: 1864, a smoked porter to commemorate the Battle of Franklin, November 1864.
SOON: A smoked lager, for which we do not yet have a name.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all our patrons, old and new. We've been doing lots of running around recently doing promotional events like tap takeovers, tastings, and pint nights across the state, and it's been a lot of fun. We've been getting lots of positive feedback and it means so much to us. We're thrilled that you're thrilled, so thanks.

Secondly, we made a new addition to our brew brains! We hired a full-time brewer's assistant. His name is Dan Dutcher and he's a badass. He's bringing some great new ideas to the table (or to the tap, let's say), like using ingredients like elderberry, wintergreen, and cherry. If you had Jacked O'Lantern, our dark chocolate pumpkin stout, that was Dan's idea. Like I said, he's a badass. If you see him around, say what's up. He's the dude on the left with the tattoos (brewmaster Mike Kraft is pictured on the right):

Thirdly, we're making some changes coming up, we just wanted you to know. Soon, we're going to totally redesign our website, including a beer locator so you can find which of your favorite watering holes have Turtle. We'll also be able to make daily updates on what beers are pouring at the taproom. Thanks for being with us during this growing process; we're making lots of changes and we appreciate your continuing support.

Fourthly, we don't know if you've noticed, but we have new tap handles! Some of our accounts already have them. They look like this:

Lastly, our friends at 104-5 The Zone have been playing Turtle Anarchy promos on their station. If you listen to Midday 180, you've already heard some. They'll be playing Turtle promos for the next couple weeks or so. Don't be a party pooper, turn on your radio! 

We have so much more to tell you, but this blog post is already long enough. We'll update you next week, so check back. cough BOOK SIGNING WITH LOCAL AUTHOR cough. ;) 

DON'T FORGET, jazz trio Carousel Music is playing a free show at the taproom tomorrow, 6-8p. All ages. 

Peace, love, and Portly Stout,
(The Blogging, Social-Media-Updating, Account Executive, Turtle Rep, Beerleader)

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