Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goodbye and Good Luck Kelsey. Hello and Welcome Liz!

Fellow Turtle Anarchists,

It's Kelsey here, your beloved spokesTurtle and Turtle rep. I'm writing to announce the end of my Turtle career, and the beginning of a new spokesTurtle. I am resigning from my position as senior account executive/marketing/sales lady for personal reasons. Turtle Anarchy has treated me well, but my time here is done. I am happy to announce your new spokesTurtle, Liz Chastain! (She's on the left.)

You've probably seen her around at beer festivals and events... She's the bomb. She'll be taking over all the blogging and social media, so the words you read will be hers from here on out.

I will miss you all so much, and I'll definitely be around. Don't hesitate to cheers me when you see me out!

Cheers and forever love,

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