Thursday, July 31, 2014

Extending INDEFINITELY our special pricing on "Gusto Mug" fills!!

Hey y'all! We've extended our special pricing for "Gusto Mug" fills INDEFINITELY. Come in today and get your mug filled! Our Taproom will be open at 4pm.

Reserves Available Today- 
*None More Black (Portly Stout w/ Bongo Java coffee beans) 
On Tap 7-31-14
*Vanilla Hella (Infidelis Helles w/ Vanilla coffe beans) 
On Tap 7-31-14
*More Than Meets The Rye (Another Way to Rye dry hopped with Simcoe hops)
On Tap 8-1-14
*Abbey Stout (Portly Stout fermented with a Belgian Abbey Yeast)
On Tap 8-1-14

Pricing for 34oz Gusto Mug fills-

$8.00 Portly Stout, Another Way to Rye, Infidelis Helles
$8.50 Pretty Fly for a Weiss Guy
$10.50 Reserves

Drop in for a cold one after work today!


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