Friday, July 5, 2013

What's on Tap: Ninja Stars and Cardamom

Just in time to cure your July 4th hangover, we've put some new 50 Shades of Black on tap for ya.

Ninja Star Stout: Portly Stout infused with star anise - it's just that simple. Star anise is a ninja star-shaped spice plucked from evergreen trees in China and Vietnam. The star anise adds the flavor and aroma of licorice to the already complex roast and caramel character of the stout.

Card A Mom: Cardamom is a unique spice not often used in beer. It is commonly used in Indian dishes and Finnish desserts because it has a slightly sweet, cola-like flavor, which blends well with our Portly Stout and creates an all-new herbal/spicy aroma and flavor.

Be on the lookout for more rotators! See you at the taproom.

Star anise
Green cardamom

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